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It's not often when you find something on Newgrounds that actually starts to creep you out. The atmosphere and music was brilliant as well as the animation style. The worms were creepy as hell and the Karissa alter-ego looking nightmare absolutely creeped me out with those bright red eyes.

I have so many questions about what is going to happen next! What is a Lantern and their "Guardians"? Who is the little girl in the family photo? Why did Shawn reach out to Karissa?

TheFabs responds:

Karissa is a lantern, Karissa is the little girl in the family photo, and Shawn reached out to Karissa because (secret can't tell you yet)

There is no simple way of describing the way I feel about this flash trailer! It looks nothing short of amazing and may very well be one of the best animated pieces I've ever seen on the internet. I hope this isn't just a teaser and actually becomes some sort of series because I've already been sucked into its awesomeness!

deweydarklight responds:

The trailer was basically a feeling out process. To get my ideas across and to figure out the style and the overall tone. The goal is to make it a feature length 2d-animated film. I've been working steadily on it for several months now. I'm in the process of making a pitch video that will feature more footage, concept art and designs and samples from the script I'm writing. It'll be a general overview of the story and the characters.


Not the best I have seen!

The other one you done seem to be better, but I'm sure you will make a better one.

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To start off not many games are worthy of a ten out of ten rating but yours truly deserves it! The theme was amazing to the fact that you combined to of my favorite genres, zombies and building cities. The strategy game kept me playing for hours on end due to the fact that you just never want to stop playing.

My strategy was to mostly make all my people soldiers so I would never get overrun and kept a couple scientists and leaders. There are four different ways to win:
Draft a constitution
Destroy the evil-portal
Cure Zombieism
Recapture the city

Rebuild also has the great but rare ability to be able to spawn a sequel in which could have a story line/free-play mode, more buildings, bigger cities, different types of people, better sound and better graphics. You could also include a soldier weapon choice, soldier rating system, vehicles, possible in game cut scenes, different zombie types and harder monsters.

sarahnorthway responds:

Yes yes yes and yes! Well, cutscenes maybe not unless I hire a very eager artist. And a lot of people have mentioned cars but I'm not totally sure what they would do. They could remove the danger penalty for doing missions in faraway squares, but that's kind of subtle (+5% per square) and not very interesting.


It was cute.


The story was intriguing and the graphics were great for any computer. Didn't really like what the player's ship looked like and I thought that almost 80% of the times I died was because I couldn't see because of a cloud going over the screen. Other than that this is one to keep playing for a while and one I would like to see more back story on as well.

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Creepy Ass Shit.


Sounds pretty good, makes me want to play it all over again.

Majorgeneral responds:

thanks for the review


That is probably the best "what is going to happen next" tone I have ever heard in resident evil.

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